Recovering your administrator login on Postnuke.


What is pnpassrecovery?  

pnpassrecovery is a tool for Postnuke Administrator to recover his/her password. There are many reasons to use this tool:
1. You don't know how to reset your Postnuke password.
2. You don't want to re-install your Postnuke.
3. You don't have access to your database server.
4. You don't have any other administrators that would help you reset your password.
5. You don't have enough MySQL priviledges to reset your pasword.

pnpassrecovery using 2 basic theories:
1. register_global on
    This will allow all variables passed through any conditions.
2. bruteforce
    Utilizing reson number 1, we're gonna bruteforcing your password to recover it.


Howto use pnpassrecovery:

1. Cek your php.ini, and make sure "register_global" is set on.
2. To obtain best result, run pnpassrecovery from the same machine where you put your Postnuke.
3. pnpassrecovery may have crashed if you use it from different location (remote recovery).


Where to Download?

Since I experienced troubles with sourceforge's RFS (Release File System), you can get the files from links below:             (PHP Version)                                  (Perl Version)

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